Synthetic Sounds Episode 4

Episode 4 features a brand new playlist of dream-logic inspired dub, generative and ambient electronic music.


  1. DiscoHop 2 by DJ_Iterate on DiscoHop (self-released)
  2. In My Room by Solid Solitude on In My Room (self-released)
  3. Lithium by Albert Negredo on Lithium Serendipity (monokrak)
  4. hi0low by bleupulp on the fall of (Miniatura Records)
  5. Plains Remix by Mystified on Skywatchers 2 (Treetrunk)
  6. Screen Memories by Durcheinander on Colores Paralelos (Monofonicos)
  7. A06 by Fabio Keiner on Slow Movements (Petcord)
  8. Bass Odyssey by Andypop on Andypop Galactic EP (Noisybeat)
  9. Transformation Song by Ghost Rider on Transformation Song (self-released)
  10. Kickback by Vandelklang on Kickback (self-released)
  11. Headcleaner by Dr. Tikov on Headcleaner (Basspistol)