Episode 146 - Walk & Chew Gum

There are multiple items on the agenda for President Biden in these first weeks. But only one of them he can control. Pushing for the Rescue America Act. The others, including defeating the Q party (formerly known as the Republican party) is up to all of us. Congress keeps doing its job. We keep doing our job. Why aren't the Right doing their job in keeping Marjorie Q Greene and the other nutbags from burning down their party and setting our nation on fire?

Questions. Answers. Rock Music. Coming up.



  1. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) by ACDC on Highway to Hell (Atlantic)
  2. The Cherry Pit by Pinkshinyultrablast on Grandfeathered (Club AC30) New
  3. (You Can Still) Rock in America by Nightranger on Midnight Madness (UMG)
  4. Dead Girls by Lushes on What Am I Doing (Felte)
  5. Heaven Beats Iowa by Cub Scout Bowling Pins on Heaven Beats Iowa (Self Released) New
  6. The Big Curve by TV Priest on Uppers (Sub Pop) New
  7. The Damn Thing by Roky Erickson on Don't Slander Me (CBS)
  8. Addicted to Love by Ciccone Youth on The Whitey Album (Blast First)
  9. Blue Force by Snake on Wind (Self Released)
  10. Wasteland by Mission UK on God's Own Medicine (Mercury)
  11. Under The Milky Way by The Church on Starfish (Arista)