Sounds In The Dark - 5.12.15 - REBROADCAST

'Sounds is out of town for a couple of weeks so enjoy an oldie but goodie!


  1. Strange The Things I Remember by David Newlyn on Like The Work Of A Man Who Has Seen A Ghost (Collected Compilation Tracks 2006 - 2015) (David Newlyn)
  2. French Movie Theme by The Holydrug Couple on Moonlust (Sacred Bones)
  3. Dream Of TV by Circuit des Yeux on In Plain Speech (Circuit des Yeux)
  4. August 22nd by Altars Altars on 1864 (Cassette and CDr) (Found Toys)
  5. Outpost by Tyondai Braxton on HIVE1 (Nonesuch)
  6. The Mutated Wisdom by Marumari on Supermogadon (Carpark)
  7. Halloween by Sóley on Ask The Deep (Morr Music)
  8. Disorder 14E by Alex Menzies on Order & Disorder (Kathexis)
  9. Fluidic Space by Ithaca Trio on We Like Ambient (Curated by The Sly and Unseen) (Hibernate)
  10. Meteor Heart by Shuttle358 on Can You Prove I Was Born (12k)
  11. The Luxury of Without by Konntinent on The Empire Line (Home Normal)
  12. Charm Intersection by Andrew Tuttle on Slowcation (Room40)
  13. Speaking Of Things As Yet Unseen by Tiny Leaves on A Good Land, An Excellent Land (
  14. There Are No Corners in This Dimension / Vanishing Point by Hobo Cubes on Perceptive Pulses (Orange Milk)
  15. Pattern Repeating by Elliot Moss on Highspeeds (Grand Jury)
  16. Munroe by Radio Scotvoid on SLOW (Rec72)
  17. Gusentisa by The Sly and Unseen on All Similarities And Technical Difficulties End Here (The Sly and Unseen)
  18. Everything You Love by Eskimeaux on O.K. (Double Double Whammy)
  19. p3. allegreto by Nicolas Bernier on Music For A Piano (Home Normal)
  20. Push N' Spun by Lapalux on Lustmore (Ninja Tune)
  21. Atarashii hi (Pawn/Hideki Umezawa remix) by Gurun Gurun on Atarashii hi EP (Home Normal)