Sounds In The Dark - REBROADCAST - Live Performance by Jack Hertz

Sounds in the Dark is on haitus this week -- enjoy a fantastic live performance by Jack Hertz this week!

Tune in for a live in-studio performance by Bay Area electronic music guru Jack Hertz! Jack also discusses the concept of fourth-world music and its relationship to his own work, interspersed with examples of the form. The show ends with a live, improvised ambient jam session between Jack and yours truly. Don't stray too far from your laptop!


  1. The Weathervanes by Jack Hertz on Nataraj (Aural Films)
  2. High Atlas by Jack Hertz on Dreams of Morocco (Aural Films)
  3. Live in-studio performance by Jack Hertz on Sounds In The Dark (
  4. Miracle Steps by Jon Hassell on Power Spot (ECM)
  5. Men's Elephant Hunting Song by Indigenous music on Echoes of the Forest (Ellipsis Arts)
  6. Joi by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook on Star Rise (Realworld)
  7. Forever Night by Jack Hertz and Mystified on Inuksuk (Aural Films)
  8. Live in-studio performance by Jack Hertz and Eric Pietras on Sounds In The Dark (