"under pale dim lights"

We're going to do something we rarely do on this show (although it's not at all rare for your average classical music-focused program): we're going to indulge in four complete works. We'll listen to Promises, the nine-movement collaboration between UK-based electronic music producer Floating Points and American jazz legend Pharoah Sanders; local string quartet Friction Quartet performing Inyo, Bay Area composer Gabriella Smith's musical description of the Eastern Sierras; Dune of Footprints off of UK-based composer Tansy Davies' forthcoming album Nature, and the Deerhoof-influenced Giga Concerto, composed by Eric Lyon and performed by the violin duo String Noise with the International Contemporary Ensemble. Sit back and enjoy.


  1. Promises by Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra on Promises (Luaka Bop) New
  2. Gabriella Smith: Inyo by Friction Quartet on Rising (self released) Local
  3. Dune of Footprints by Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Karen Kamensek (conductor) on Tansy Davies: Nature (NMC) New
  4. Giga Concerto by String Noise & International Contemporary Ensemble, Nicholas DeMaison (conductor) on Eric Lyon: Giga Concerto (New Focus) New