"the light that got lost"

Talking with fellow DJ Kristin Cofer (The Infinite Kaleidoscope) last week, she mentioned a deep appreciation for ambient music. So I decided that would guide this week's chill mixtape-style episode. Enjoy!


  1. The North Wind by Faten Kanaan on A Mythology of Circles (Fire)
  2. Cas(s)iopeia by Jherek Bischoff on Cistern (The Leaf Label Ltd.)
  3. Inspirit by Julianna Barwick on Healing Is A Miracle (Ninja Tune)
  4. Cave of a Seashell by Natalia Beylis on The Steadfast Starry Universe (Eiderdown)
  5. Sighs of a Sea Turtle by Obay Alsharani on Sandbox (Hive Mind)
  6. Take the Thorn, Leave the Rose by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (Kranky)
  7. Grey confetti by The Humble Bee & Benoit Pioulard on I suppose I'm your future (Dauw)
  8. I. The Opening Constellation - Summer by Roomful of Teeth on Michael Harrison: Just Constellations (New Amsterdam)
  9. Sedna's Sister (In Red) by Alchymie & Gregg Skloff on The Oort Cloud (Aerocade)
  10. William Brittelle: Disintegration by Michi Wiancko on Planetary Candidate (New Amsterdam)
  11. Tiffany M. Skidmore: cistern . anechoic . sonolucent by Duo Gelland on Resistance/Resonance (New Focus)
  12. No More Storms by Alder & Ash on The Crowneater (self released)
  13. Larry Goves: Nehemiah 2 by The House of Bedlam on Enclosure (NMC)
  14. Sarah Kirkland Snider: You Are Free by Latitude 49 on Wax and Wire (New Amsterdam)
  15. Memory of Blue by Elori Saxl on The Blue of Distance (Western Vinyl)
  16. Paspell Unten by Flim on Given You Nothing (Tomlab)
  17. for Zoya in China by Gia Margaret on Mia Gargaret (Orindal)
  18. Call of the Grassland by Coral Club on Nowhere Island (Not Not Fun)
  19. An Unkindness of Ravens by Andrew Weathers Ensemble on The Thousand Birds in the Earth, The Thousand Birds in the Sky (Full Spectrum)
  20. Tradition by The Belle Game on Ritual Tradition Habit (Boompa)