Sounds In The Dark - 5.19.21

Tonight's edition features a beautifully gentle and uplifting 2020 improvisational recording from Cory Wong + Jon Batiste, plus new music from Lionmilk, Celer and lots more!


  1. Featured Meditation by Cory Wong + Jon Batiste on Meditations (Cory Wong + Jon Batiste)

    Gorgeous work from a duo of jazz musicians (Cory Wong, guitar; Jon Batiste, keyboards) who are normally known for a more funky backbeat-driven sound. Must-purchase record based entirely on improvised performances over three late nights.

  2. Not Really by Rival Consoles on LUZoSCURA (Alkaane)

    New Track on a new compilation record by Welsh electronic musician Sasha

  3. Kelsoe Dunes by Floating Points on Reflections - Mojave Desert (Luaka Bop)
  4. Fur Immer by NEU! on Neu! 2 (Groenland Records)
  5. Weisst Du noch? by Rodelius / Czjzek on Weites Land (Bureau B)

    New Re-release of the duo's 1987 record drops on May 21st

  6. Sunrain by Ashra on New Age of Earth (Virgin Records)
  7. The Open Path by Solar Quest on Orgship (Crammed Discs)
  8. If It Really Is Me by Polygon Window on Surfing on Sine Waves (Warp Records)

    Richard James (Aphex Twin)'s first record with Warp, from 1992.

  9. Myanmar by Girls in Airports / Aahrus Jazz Orchestra on Myanmar (Kaja Records)

    New Preview of upcoming record - release date and title TBA!

  10. An Implosion, A Smearing; Turns To Dust by Celer on It Would Have, But It Wasn't (VAKNAR)

    New Beautiful ambience from Will Long.

  11. Featured Teardrops by Cory Wong + Jon Batiste on Meditations (Cory Wong + Jon Batiste)
  12. Afloat In The Ocean by Lionmilk on I Hope You are Well (Leaving Records) New
  13. Kingdom of Hearts by Secede on Tryshala (Sending Orbs)
  14. Provenance by Bjorn Meyer on Provenance (ECM)