Sounds In The Dark - 6.2.21

Tonight's edition features two new pieces from UK's Tiny Leaves plus new  work from Loscil, Portico Quartet, Green-House, Three Point Circle and lots more.


  1. Featured View From Here by Tiny Leaves on View From Here (Tiny Leaves)

    New Fabulous title track from a new EP by Joel Pike (aka, Tiny Leaves), releases on July 9th.

  2. Featured Animae by Tiny Leaves on View From Here (Tiny Leaves) New
  3. Featured Stella by Loscil on Clara (Kranky)

    New Beautiful new record from Scott Morgan, released just last week on the 28th of May.

  4. Bird Ambience by Masayoshi Fujita on Bird Ambience (Erased Tapes) New
  5. Radian by Air on 10 000 Hz Legend (Source)
  6. Top Soil by Green-House on Music for Living Spaces (Leaving Records)

    New New record and debut LP of Los Angeles-based sound artist Olive Ardizoni.

  7. Featured The Commonplace by Three Point Circle on Proximity Effects (Palace of Lights)

    New The last time K. Leimer, Marc Barreca and Steve Peters collaborated was back in 1980. What a sweet record from three electronic music pioneers.

  8. Ikivirta by Sarah Palu on Ikiverta (Sarah Palu)
  9. Stereo Music for Acoustic Guitar, Buchla Music Box 100, Hewlett Packard Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar and Computer - Pt. 1 by Keith Fullerton Whitman on Multiples (Kranky)
  10. Terrain: I by Portico Quartet on Terrain (Gondwana Records) New
  11. Pillar by Leafcutter John on Yes! Come Parade With Us (Border Community Recordings Ltd.)
  12. Evening Star by Robert Fripp + Brian Eno on Evening Star (Island)
  13. Sixty by Justin Walter on Unseen Forces (Kranky)