Sounds in the Dark - 6.9.20

Tonight's edition features some fabulous ambience from Pausal, Spheruleus, Vanessa Amara, Alonefold, Nobuto Suda and a splendid long-form work from David Fyans.


  1. Coffee Phenols by Tomasz Bednarcyzk on Nothing Much Happens (Somewhere Nowhere) New
  2. Eventual Needs by Celer on Malaria (Celer)

    New Recent Will Long release inspired by the writing of James Jenkins in Luzon, Philippines, from 1942-1943

  3. Sol, pt. 1 by Alonefold on Remote Textures (Alonefold)

    Fabulous record from 2013. Alonefold's most recent release is from 2020, available at Bandcamp.

  4. Guitar Solo (TWS) by Stephen Vitiello on Soundtracks for Lynne Sachs (Room40) New
  5. Crawling Under by David Fyans on Crawling Under (David Fyans)

    New Great new long-form ambient work from David (aka, Erstlaub).

  6. Two by Nobuto Suda on Transitoriness (Nobuto Suda)
  7. Cast Off by Spheruleus on Cast Off (Spheruleus)

    Lead of an awesome two-track offering from Harry Towell (aka, Spheruleus) released back in 2014.

  8. Melatonia by Pausal on Melatonia (Past Inside the Present)
  9. Piano & Two Tape Loops by Vanessa Amara on Music for Acoustic Instruments and Feedback (Posh Isolation)

    New Splendid new release from the Danish musical duo