EP 1 - Welcome to the Awful Hours

Send any music request, comments or questions to theawfulhours@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at (415) 409-9532‬


  1. Motherfucker by Playland (Self-Released) Info

    Only available on Soundcloud

  2. Stampede by Hotline TNT on Nineteen in Love (Smoking Room) Info

    New The second track off of NYC band Hotline TNT's forthcoming album "Nineteen in Love". You can pre-order the album (slated for release October 1st, 2021) on smokingroom.bigcartel.com. Note this album won't be making its way to streaming services so if you'd like to listen this track again, you're going to have to buy it.

  3. Interactions by Playland on Playland 2 (Self-Released) Info

    The latest album from the NYC-based band Playland. It is the solo project of Andrew Auscherman who you may recognize from his work with the band Hoops

  4. Free by Wyatt Smith (Self-Released) Local Info
  5. Burning the Ground by Justus Proffit on SpeedStar (Bar None Records) Info

    New From Justus Proffit's new album SpeedStar. Catch him performing in SF along with local artist Wyatt Smith at Milk Bar on Oct. 1 at 8:00 pm. Show is 21+ and tickets available at throwinbos.com

  6. Steeeam by Shelly (Orange Hill)
  7. Almost to You by Central Heat Exchange (Birthday Cake Media) Info

    New The latest track from Central Heat Exchange - a band made up of members from Living Hour, Daphne Tunes, Varsity and Pool Holograph. Look out for their forthcoming self-titled album slated for release on September 10th.

  8. Breathe by Dead Sullivan (Self-Released) Info
  9. David by Toledo (Telefono) Info
  10. Junior Day League by Hovvdy on True Love (Grand Jury) Info

    New One of the latest tracks from ATX based band Hovvdy off their forthcoming album True Love.

  11. Jesse by Bottle Adventure & Bedlocked on Bl+Ba - EP (Self-Released) Info

    New New split EP from Texas-based artists Bedlocked and Bottle Adventures

  12. Oidar by Hether on Sticky Thumb (ear slime c/o R&R digital) Info
  13. cz by Mk.gee on A Museum Of Contradiction (IAMSOUND/Interscope Records) Info
  14. I Want Troll With You (Gentle Dom Remix) by Connan Mockasin & Gentle Dom (Mexican Summer)
  15. HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS by PawPaw Rod (GODMODE) Info
  16. Bad Pin by TEMPOREX (NBI under exclusive license to Independent) New
  17. Swallowed My Key by Slater on Esi (Vada Vada) New Info
  18. What Does It Mean to Me? by Oberhofer (Telefono) New Info
  19. Stinkin’ Thinkin’ by Deaton Chris Anthony on Boogy Woogy (Self-Released) Info
  20. Banana Clip (feat. Mowalola) by Namasenda (PC) Info

    New Latest release from PC Music artist, Namasenda from her forthcoming mixtape

  21. Kanpai by Alice Longyu Gao (Self-Released) New Info
  22. Shirtless by Knox Fortune (Knox Fortune + Nice Work) Info

    A track off of Chicago producer/singer, Knox Fortune's, 2020 album Stock Child Wonder

  23. CHARGER (Charli XCX Rework) by ELIO & Charli XCX (Asylum Records UK) Info
  24. Bunny Is A Rider by Caroline Polachek (Perpetual Novice) New Info
  25. Petty Cash (feat. demahjiae) by Navy Blue on Navy's Reprise (Freedom Sounds) New Info
  26. From The Garden (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) by Isaiah Rashad on The House Is Burning (Top Daw Entertainment) New Info
  27. The Game by Denzel Curry (PH Recordings, LLC) New Info
  28. Peppers and Onions by Tierra Whack (Interscope Records) Info
  29. Break
  30. Had 2 Try by Hotline TNT on Nineteen in Love (Smoking Room) New Info
  31. Jadakiss by They Are Gutting a Body of Water on Gestures Been (Bee Side Cassettes) Info
  32. '95 Slow by Toner on Silk Road (Smoking Room) Local Info
  33. my turn by playland on playland 2 (Self-Released) Info
  34. Take You Back by Purr on Like New (Anti Records) Info
  35. Bite by youbet on Compare & Despair (badabing records) Info
  36. That's My Idea by My Idea on That's My Idea - EP (Hardly Art) New Info
  37. Sip by Shelf Life on Flawless (Self-Released) Info
  38. Tabs (feat. Nearly Oratorio) by Armlock on Trust (feat. Nearly Oratorio) (Solitaire Recordings) New Info
  39. Heaven's on Fire by The Radio Depart. on Clinging to a Scheme (Just Sol)