Episode 163 - One Fire at a Time

COVID Delta. Fires in the West. Flooding and hurricane damage. An assault on women. An assault on poor people. An assault on minorities. Insurrectionists staging more white national terrorism. Sure seems like our lemonade containers are full with all the lemons the world has been throwing at us. But fear not babies, there are more of us, we have facts, science and the arc of justice at our backs and we will prevail.

A message of renewed positivity and activism. And all the rock your ear holes can handle.



  1. Raise Your Hand by Bon Jovi on Slippery When Wet (Mercury)
  2. The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell by David Bowie on Stigmata (Warner)
  3. Never Fight A Man With A Perm by IDLES on Joy as an Act of Resistance (Partisan)
  4. Surrender by Savages on Adore Life (Matador)
  5. Strawberry Milkshake by Bad Waitress on No Taste (Royal Mountain) New
  6. The Motor by The Wants on Container (Council Records)
  7. Hand of God by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis on Carnage (Goliath) New
  8. Blondes in Black Cars by Autograph on That’s the Stuff (RCA)
  9. Days of Future Past by Iron Maiden on Senjutsu (Iron Maiden LLP) New
  10. Run Runaway by Slade on The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome (BMG)
  11. Find Another Fool by Quarterflash on Quarterflash (DGC)
  12. Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll by Blue Oyster Cult on Blue Oyster Cult (BMG)