Episode 166 - Reflection

Hey America;

Look in the mirror. When I hear folks complain about ‘The Government’ and how it’s some giant oppressive entity I am reminded of the words from pre amble to the constitution. ‘WE THE PEOPLE’. It’s a mirror. The government reflects us because we are the government.

So the question then becomes; ‘What have you done to make ‘the government’ of which you are, a better thing?’.

Some answers mixed with coffee, stirred up with rock. On the way.



  1. I’m Not Your Stepping Stone by The Monkees (Arista)
  2. Break
  3. Shot Down in Flames by AC/DC on Highway to Hell (Atlantic)
  4. Break
  5. Never Been Any Reason by Head East on Flat as a Pancake (A&M)
  6. Glad Girls by Guided By Voices on Isolation Drills (TVT)
  7. Popular by Nada Surf on High/Lo (Barsuk Records)
  8. United State by Hall and Oates on Voices (Sony)
  9. Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet on Girlfriend (Zoo Entertainment)
  10. Sickle and Peace by Mastodon (Reprise) New
  11. Revolve by Melvins on Stoner Witch (Atlantic)
  12. Rock Bottom by UFO on Phenomenon (Chrysalis)
  13. The Changeling by The Doors on L.A. Woman (Elektra)
  14. Sister Disco by The Who on Who Are You (Polydor)