Episode 3


  1. Just Wait Till Tomorrow by Mr Carmack (Self-release)
  2. 24 by twenty weeks (Self-release)
  3. dilemma 2021 by austin marc (Self-release)
  4. Black Magic by IAMNOBODI (Self-release)
  5. Ojos by Rugawdmusik (Self-release)
  6. Justin Bieber by The Fortunes (Self-release)
  7. Move like lions do by Mr Carmack (Forward Thinkers Group)
  8. my chain by Freddy River (Self-release)
  9. X games. by Manin (Self-release)
  10. Grand Nash Chronicles by Larry June on Orange Print (The Freeminded/EMPIRE) New Local
  11. H.E.R by hvsn (Self-release)
  12. Abencoe Voce MC Pretta by JVKINHO (Self-release)
  13. TO IRADO (Sango Mix) by Sango (Self-release)
  14. galar mine by OmarCameUp (Self-release)
  15. ho^4 by Pre$que (Self-release) New
  16. toni's on kloof by monte booker (Self-release)
  17. buck. by MAURICE. (Self-release)
  18. imjustbeinhonest by zaysims (Self-release)
  19. Da Daa by Archr (BONSAI)
  20. Transitions w Chromonicci by Deffie (Self-release)
  21. tarde de domingo by hvsn (Self-release)
  22. SCOPA TU MANA by OFF N ODD (Self-release)
  23. Preto e Dourado by Sango (Self-release)
  24. like you w/ bsterthegawd & lvusm by legend (Self-release)
  25. long distance by sam gellaitry (Self-release)
  26. zodiac by zotti (Self-release)
  27. power mode by austin marc (Self-release)
  28. favorite commas by austin marc (Self-release)
  29. ain't loyal by Oshi (Self-release)
  30. Waiting in Vain Edit by Krs. (Self-release)
  31. UP by 1981 Tokyo (Self-release)