Hot Damn! Episode 23

I am listening to a boiler set rn. I want to be in a boiler room. I want to boil in a room.

Featuring: HERO, Oklou, Gateway Drugs, Grandma, Pretty Boy Aaron, Cashmere Cat and more!


  1. Habit - Blood Cultures Remix by Cool Company, Blood Cultures on Slice of Paradise (The Remixes) (Self-released)
  2. ROT IN PIECES by HERO on CRY BABY (Self-released)
  3. ROT IN PIECES by HERO on CRY BABY (Self-released)
  4. Yellow Ferrari by The Toxic Avenger, Mystery Skulls on Globe, Vol. 3 (Iheartcomix Records)
  5. Cool to You by Teenage Priest (Self-released)
  6. Entertnmnt by Oklou (True Panther Sounds)
  7. Eating Ass 2020 by wwoman (Self-released)
  8. Cinnamon Girl by ASL on Beach House (Self-released)
  9. anemone by slenderbodies on fabulist (Majestic Casual)
  10. Scream Drive Faster by LAUREL on Petrol Bloom (Communion Group)
  11. Holding Me by Beshken, Halima (Self-released)
  12. bullet train by pizzagirl (Heist or Hit)
  13. Summer Time by Gateway Drugs on Gateway Drugs (Self-released)
  14. Downtown Life by GRANDMA on Even If We Don’t Get It Together (Self-released)
  15. Universe by Ambar Lucid on Garden of Lucid (Self-released)
  16. Comb My Hair by Pretty Boy Aaron, Tesia, Bruhnice (Ray Andrews)
  17. Disco Man by Remi Wolf on I’m Allergic To Dogs! (Island)
  18. Calvaire by spill tab (Self-released)
  19. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY by Cashmere Cat on PRINCESS CATGIRL (Interscope)