Records are your friends (100% vinyl)

Going all-vinyl today! Enjoy episode #279


  1. Corde Tese by Ri-Edito Italiano (Self-Released) New
  2. I Don't Like Acid by Tuff Cut (Self-Released)
  3. Tumba Catumba by Ri-Edito Italiano (Self-Released)
  4. Nigerian Affair by Coeo (Razor-N-Tape)
  5. One Night In A Disco by Late Night Tuff Guy (Self-Released)
  6. Another One Bites The Dust by Queen (EMI)
  7. Ma Quale Idea by Pino D'Angio (Flarenasch)
  8. Party Is A Gruv by Hansi (Self-Released) New
  9. Opposites Attract by Dimitri From Paris (Razor-N-Tape)
  10. Kobra by Rettore (Ariston)
  11. Eastern Edits Vol 1 by Orange Tree Edits (Self-Released)
  12. Dreams (LNTG edit) by Fleetwood Mac (Self-Released)
  13. Into The Groove (Dimitri From Paris edit) by Madonna (Self-Released)
  14. Sing (Extended Mix) by Four Tet (Domino)
  15. Side A by Orange Tree Edits (Self-Released)
  16. Long Night Ahead by Coeo (Razor-N-Tape)
  17. Rumore by Raffaella Carrà (CGD)
  18. Fever (Adam Freeland Extend Remix) by Sarah Vaughan (Verve)
  19. L'importante è finire by Mina (PDU)