Ep 211: "Reality After Reality"

Episode title refers to the album Reality After Reality...by the band Scowl. (bandcamp)

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twitter: @iluvmondaysWill
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  1. Sugar Daddy by April Magazine on Sunday Music for an Overpass (Paisley Shirt) Local
  2. Ox '45 by Toner on White Buffalo Roam (Smoking Room) Local
  3. Pretty Selfish Cretin by Scowl on Reality After Reality (self released) Local
  4. Only Want to See You Tonight by Young Guv on Guv III (Run for Cover) Local
  5. Gemini Season by Bad Tiger on Sanctuary (Brace Cove)

    Local Saturday at Bottom of the Hill: Bad Tiger/ Sarah Coolidge/ Michael Michael Motorcycle

  6. All My Friends by Sarah Coolidge on Turning Up, Turning Out (self released) Local
  7. Scam Likely by Michael Michael Motorcycle on Scam Likely (self released) Local
  8. Look Again by Artsick on Fingers Crossed (Slumberland) Local
  9. Dead Saturdays by Chime School on Chime School (Slumberland) Local
  10. Across the Ocean by Devon Williams on Out of Time (Slumberland) Local
  11. Break
  12. Piel de Miel by Bombsnax on WATER FOR THE TOWN v.4 (SMARTBOMB) Local
  13. Phone Booth by Smokin' Ziggurats on Phone Booth EP (self released) Local
  14. Lemons (1st Leg) by Pacific Yew as Jeronimo on The Fly in His Eye (Jeronimo demo) (self released) Local
  15. Flamingo by Kamikaze Palm Tree (Drag City)
  16. Call On Me by James Wavey on Butterflies & Kisses (self released) Local
  17. On My Line by Meerna (self released) Local
  18. I Was There (All Night) by Plastic Candles on Dust (Paisley Shirt) Local
  19. False Positive by The Acharis on Blue Sky/ Grey Heaven (Cranes) Local
  20. Rattlesnakes in the City by Spiritual Cramp on Here Comes More Bad News (Industry Standards) Local
  21. Laura by Yama Uba on Laura/Isolation (Psychic Eye) Local
  22. Pack of Rolling Papers by Guided By Voices on Suitcase 2 (Fading Captain Series)