"is impossible to hold"


  1. Featured Laine by Mira Calix with Tansy Davies, feat. Oliver Coates on The Elephant In The Room: 3 Commissions (Warp)
  2. Featured The Way You Are When by Mira Calix on Eyes Set Against The Sun (Warp)
  3. Passage by Hannah Peel & Paraorchestra on The Unfolding (Real World) New
  4. John Cage: In a Landscape by Murcof x Vanessa Wagner on Statea (InFiné)
  5. drift by Daniel Wohl (New Amsterdam) Local
  6. Gazelle Twin: The Power and the Glory by Gazelle Twin, BBC Concert Orchestra, Andre de Ridder (conductor) on Celebrating 10 Years of New Music Biennial (NMC) New
  7. Jerusalem by Gazelle Twin & NYX on Deep England (NYX Collective)
  8. Elements 1.1: sulphur, phosphorus; diamond by Judy Kline on Music from SEAMUS vol. 4 (SEAMUS) New
  9. de_dust2 by Phong Tran on The Computer Room (New Amsterdam)
  10. Intuition 016 by Emika on Chaos Star (self released)
  11. MAN IS LIKE A SPRING FLOWER by Lingua Ignota on SINNER GET READY (Sargent House)
  12. Paula Matthusen: Sparrows In Supermarkets by Terri Hron, Paula Matthusen on Music from SEAMUS vol. 22 (SEAMUS) New
  13. Rolling by David Friend & Jerome Begin on Post- (New Amsterdam) New
  14. Rene Orth: Jabberwocky by Zachary James on Call Out (self released)