The Infinite Kaleidoscope 56 "Midnight Swimmers"

Today we have a guest host, DJ Sasha, close your eyes, listen and enjoy!

Sasha's Playlist:

Roomful of Teeth, "Fall Into Me (Arr. D. Burton) [Live at the Tank, 2017]"

Emma Ruth Rundle, "Citadel"

King Woman, "Manna"

Oxbow, "The Upper"

Emily Wells, "Blood Brother"

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, "Crowd Surf off a Cliff"

Blue Daisy, "Six Days"

Jamila Woods, "BASQUIAT (feat. Saba)"

Rituals of Mine, "Come Around Me"

Low, "Hey"

Daughter of Swords, "Dawnbreaker"

*Kristin added in David Crosby, "Music Is Love" at the end


  1. Fall Into Me (Arr. D. Burton) [Live at the Tank, 2017] by Roomful of Teeth (℗ 2021 New Amsterdam)
  2. Citadel by Emma Ruth Rundle on Engine of Hell (℗ 2021 Sargent House) New
  3. Manna by King Woman on Created in the Image of Suffering (Relapse) Local
  4. The Upper by Oxbow on Thin Black Duke (Hydra Head) Local
  5. Blood Brother by Emily Wells on Regards to the End (Thesis & Instinct) New
  6. Crowd Surf off a Cliff by Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton on Knives Don't Have Your Back (Last Gang)
  7. Six Days by Blue Daisy on Darker Than Blue (R&S)
  8. BASQUIAT (feat. Saba) by Jamila Woods on LEGACY! LEGACY! (Jagjaguwar)
  9. Come Around Me by Rituals of Mine on Hype Nostalgia (Carpark)
  10. Hey by Low on Hey What (Sub Pop)
  11. Dawnbreaker by Daughter of Swords on Dawnbreaker (Nonesuch)
  12. Music Is Love by David Crosby on If I Could Only Remember My Name (Atlantic Records)