The planned theme for this week was "home". And as more violence unfolded Tuesday, it felt hard to focus solely on the whimsical aspects of the word. What is home but safety and trust. Knowing you can just be. Knowing something/someone is looking out for us. Knowing our walls will protect us.

Today's featured audio story comes from Emily Shaw, an audio producer and artist born and raised in San Francisco. In her audio collage, A Dream of San Francisco, Emily explores what it means to love a complex place - filled with magic and also suffering.

The second featured audio story is one I created with Chelsea Kigano and Lilia Vega for KCRW's 2021 24 Hour Radio Race. Say Hello explores ghosts in my childhood home.

Jennifer Chance leaves a voice memo about the chaos of moving and I get sad about it because she's my Inner Sunset friend of 13+ years.


  1. Show Me Love by Hundred Waters on The Moon Rang Like a Bell (owsla)
  2. Sea Calls Me Home by Julia Holter on Have You in My Wilderness (Domino)
  3. Land's End by Fraaek on Land's End (Self-released)
  4. Plantasia by Mort Garson on Mother Earth’s Plantasia (homewood records)
  5. Electric Wind by Sugar Candy Mountain on Electric Wind (We Speak Records) New Local
  6. In This Moment by Polly Scattergood on In This Moment (Mute)
  7. Inside our perspectives by Vangelis on Juno to Jupiter (Decca)