spin the bottle sessions episode 32

Lets get this Monday cracking with some brand new hits! Tons of great shows this week stay tuned and help donate to keep bff.fm radio going ! Got my buddy Andrew bringing tons of his 45s this show is Guna rock  !

2-4pm ! bff.fm spinthebottlesessions!


  1. Understood by Built to Spill on When the Wind Forgets Your Name (sub pop records)
  2. some mutts can't be muzzled by Amyl and the Sniffers on Amyl and the Sniffers (rough trade records)
  3. Poor and Weird by The Briefs on hit after hit (6 music rights)
  4. biohazard by Momma on momma (danger collective)
  5. better move on by Rolling Stones on Rolling Stones (decca)
  6. foggy notion by The Velvet Underground on The Velvet Underground (umg)
  7. she's no angel by heavy metal kids on heavy metal kids (rak)
  8. world on fire by tilden (self released)
  9. fade away by step mother on step mother (legsless)
  10. Be Forewarned by pentagram on first daze here (The Orchard Enterprises)
  11. tonight by the reactions on the reactions (self released)
  12. citadel by The Rolling Stones on citadel (umg)
  13. true romance by Andrew Mathewson on true romance (virgin records)
  14. Good Reputation by slick! on slick (self released)
  15. sister by native sun on native sun (self released)
  16. im confused by little bo bitch on its only love (emi records)
  17. love affair by tear jerker on love affair (self released)
  18. bad woman by fallen angels on fallen angels (umg)
  19. don't want me to love you by golden gate jumpers on golden gate jumpers (self released)
  20. Valley Of Hate by just luv on Valley Of Hate (umg)
  21. ca baigne by soda fraise on rock n rolls (sing sing)
  22. heart and soul by the premonitions on the premonitions (bicker ton)
  23. little darling by thin Lizzy on buffalo gal (nova)
  24. bad day by the boys day on safari (safari)
  25. telephone tuff girl by Slick! on slick (self released)
  26. chewing gum rock by nicky bull dog on nicky bulldog (self released)
  27. foundry Joe by The Swingers on big hits from mid America (pk pruvis)
  28. la naranja no es mecanica by los nikis on la naranja no es mecanica (self released)
  29. old town by Philip lynott on old town (vertigo)
  30. don't look down by IGGY POP on new values (sme)
  31. im stranded by the saints on the saints (umg)
  32. war zone by dead boys on buried gems (cold front)
  33. I am the walrus by gray matter on gray matter (discord records)
  34. pills by lurkers on lurkers (self released)
  35. fantasy man by baby blue on baby blue (self released)
  36. on parole by Larry walace (stiff records)
  37. master of the universe by Hawkwind on in search of space (wmg)