"I am just born, and I’m disappearing"


  1. He was dying by Sky Creature on Childworld (self released) New Local
  2. Anything Is A Mirror by Jane Bruckner on Agnes (self released)
  3. The Quiet Voice by Alexandra Stréliski on INSCAPE (Secret City)
  4. I am a cloud by Majel Connery on The Rivers are our Brothers (Musica Sierra) New Local
  5. Violelation by Cynthia Fogg, Tom Flaherty on Tom Flaherty: Mixed Messages (New Focus) New
  6. Mycorrhizae Dreams by Green-House on Solar Editions (LEAVING) New
  7. Delay I by Time Wharp on Spiro World (LEAVING) New
  8. Birdfish by Anıl Çamcı on Dekagon (innova) New
  9. Always and Forever by Nina C. Young on Music from SEAMUS, Vol. 31 (SEAMUS) New
  10. Shim Sham by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri on I could be your dog / I could be your moon (Ghostly International) New
  11. Alireza Mashayekhi: Variant, Op. 139, No. 2 by Kimia Hesabi on Nemāno Gaona (New Focus) New
  12. yanni by Jean-Michel Blais on aubades (Arts & Crafts)
  13. Selected Nowtudes by Danny Holt on Piano Music of Mike Garson (innova) New
  14. Jocelyn Campbell: CLUBLAND: X-TREME EUPHORIA by Philharmonia Orchestra; Patrick Bailey (conductor) on Philharmonia Composers' Academy, Vol.4 (NMC) New
  15. Low by Charlotte Greven, Vinnie Sperrazza, Chris Tordini on The Choir Invisible (Intakt)
  16. Rights and Rites by Lewis Jordan & Music at Large on Critical Mass (innova) New Local
  17. Vine and Vein by Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom on Glitter Wolf (Royal Potato Family)
  18. New Maps by Tigran Hamasyan on The Call Within (Nonesuch)
  19. Beyond the Mountain by Sky Creature on Bear Mountain (self released) New Local