EP. 121: I'm Loose!

I tried to warn ya I'M LOOSE! New Viagra Boys (pictured), more feel good summer hits/spacey loudness, and a Canadian 90s medly.

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  1. Punk Rock Loser by Viagra Boys on Cave World (YEAR0001) New
  2. Flight of the Echo Hawk by Ken MODE on Venerable (Profound Love)
  3. The Goat by Ken MODE on Mennonite (Arctodus)
  4. To Our Dead Friends by Respire on To Our Dead Friends (Church Road)
  5. Money by Single Mothers on Negative Qualities (HXC)
  6. Abyss in Vision by Devil Master on Ecstasies Of Never Ending Night (Relapse) New
  7. Sour Punch by Blushing on Possessions (Kanine) New
  8. Weighed Down by Dosser on Brainscan (Really Rad)
  9. Liftoff by trauma ray on Transmissions (Self-Released) New
  10. Nixon by trauma ray on Transmissions (Self-Released) New
  11. Swing by Bedlocked on Sprawl (Self-Released)
  12. Your Name by Bedlocked on Split (Self-Released)
  13. Weird Florida by Camp Trash (Count Your Lucky Stars)
  14. Sea Groove by Nickelback on Curb (The All Blacks)
  15. Superman's Dead by Our Lady Peace on Clumsy (Sony)
  16. Numb by Holly McNarland on Stuff (UMG)
  17. Money City Maniacs by Sloan on Navy Blues (Murderecords)
  18. Not Quite Sonic by I Mother Earth on Dig (Capitol)
  19. Metamorphosis by INTERWORLD (Self-Released)
  20. Post-American by MSPAINT on MSPAINT (Self-Released)
  21. Night Tryst by Narrow Head on 12th House Rock (Run For Cover)
  22. Yesterday's Clothes by The Nova Kicks on Social Distancing - A Compilation (The Yellnats)
  23. Houseplant (Live) by Dylans on Live at Twin Shrieks 2019 (Twin Peaks Sessions)
  24. Runner by Alex G on God Save the Animals (Domino) New
  25. July Heat by Andrew Ryan (Delete Yourself) New
  26. Jesus Of Nazareth by Self Defense Family on Jesus Of Nazareth (Run for Cover)
  27. You Are What Is Always on My Mind - Reprise by Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold on Lousy (Lauren)