Jul 30


  1. Too Young to Burn by Spirit Family Reunion on Home Recordings Vol 1 (The Voice Project)
  2. Older Brother by Pepper Rabbit on Beauregard (Kanine)
  3. Fern Beard by The Submarines on Honeysuckle Weeks (Network)
  4. Tokyo Mon Amour by Stereo Total on My Melody (Self Released)
  5. Bend Back by GOON on Hour of Green Evening (Self Released)
  6. Running My Luck by Lawn on Bigger Sprout (Born Yesterday)
  7. Someone Else by Gee Tee on Stuck Down (Goner Records)
  8. I Want an Authentic Tail by Police and Pea on I Want an Authentic Tail (Self Released)
  9. Pair of Wings by Frankie Rose on Interstellar (Slumberland)
  10. North by Dirty Gold on Roar (Autumn Tone)
  11. Go On by Panda Bear, Sonic Boom on Go On (Domino) New
  12. Marianne by Ice Cream Shout on Marianne (Pretend Records)
  13. Lonely Days by Future Bible Heroes on Memories of Love, Eternal Youth, and Partygoing (Merge)
  14. Universal Tellerwäscher by Die Sterne on In Echt (L'age d'or)
  15. Outside of This Car, the End of the World by Le Loup on The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly (Hardly Art)
  16. Too Beautiful To Work by The Luyas on Too Beautiful To Work (Dead Oceans)
  17. Suburbia by NoSo on Stay Proud of Me (Partisan) New