"hid in the grass from the days burning eye"


  1. Gity Razaz: Song and Whispers by Kimia Hesabi on Nemāno Gaona (New Focus) New
  2. Arbores Erimus by Adrianne Munden-Dixon, Finola Merivale on Finola Merivale: Tús (New Focus) New
  3. Fra Duri Scogli by Psappha, Nicholas Kok (conductor) on Kenneth Hesketh: Theatre of Attractions (Psappha)
  4. Margaret Brouwer: Fear, Hiding, Play by Emlyn Johnson, Ellen Breakfield-Glick, Daniel Ketter on American Wild Ensemble: Duos and Trios (New Focus) New
  5. Ser (Love) by Choir of Girton College, Cambridge; Gareth Wilson (director) on Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian: Welcome Party (NMC)
  6. Buoys Rang Like (Church Bells) by Beth Schenck on Above and Below (innova) Local
  7. Nine Numbers IV. 1 by So Percussion on Jason Treuting: Nine Numbers (Cantaloupe)
  8. Nine Numbers IV. 2 by So Percussion on Jason Treuting: Nine Numbers (Cantaloupe)
  9. Nine Numbers IV. 3 by So Percussion on Jason Treuting: Nine Numbers (Cantaloupe)
  10. Three Essays: First Essay (Nimrod) by Attacca Quartet on Caroline Shaw: Evergreen (Nonesuch) New
  11. Hornpipes by Kate Romano, Ionel Manciu on Julian Philips: Melodys of Earth and Sky (NMC)
  12. Molly Joyce: Less is More by Ju-Ping Song, Darren Lin on NakedEye Ensemble: A Series of Indecipherable Glyphs (New Focus) New
  13. Oneira by Clocks in Motion on Oneira: Music of Jennifer Bellor (Aerocade) New
  14. Rally by NOW Ensemble on Sean Friar: Before and After (New Amsterdam)