009 - Crossover/Metalcore


  1. Bones of Rock by The Boneless Ones on Back to the Grind (Self-Released) New Local
  2. Depths of the Abyss by Doomsday on Riff City Promo (Creator-Destructor Records) New Local
  3. 3:AM by Momentum on Momentum (DAZE)
  4. Three Roses Over Tragedy by Social Unrest on Before the Fall (New Red Archives) Local
  5. Disposable Bandwagon Subculture by Since We Were Kids on Skatecore (Irish Voodoo Records)
  6. World at War by Dead Heat on World at War (Triple B Records)
  7. New Sun by Resistant Culture on All One Struggle (Seventh Generation Records)
  8. Dousing the Flame by Take Offense on Cause and Effect (Pure Noise Records)
  9. By the Sword by Cold Curse on Violent Measures (Creator-Destructor Records)
  10. Laughing at Myself by Cholos on Acid on Grab Your Brain (Self-Released)
  11. From the Depths by Serve the Blade on S/T (Self-Released)
  12. Inhuman Slaughter (Isolation Mix) by Inhuman Slaughter (Self-Released)
  13. Rod of Correction by Rod of Correction on If Might Makes Right (Indecision Records)
  14. Dichotomy by Pissed Regardless on Imperial Cult (Creator-Destructor Records)
  15. Worse than Death by Antagonist on Gone in the Light (Infinite Strength Records)
  16. Sleep in Your Grave by Manntis on Sleep in Your Grave (Century Media Records)
  17. Dog Complex by Mongrel on Off the Leash (Self-Released) New