July 18, 2015: Modern Geoff spins vinyl on 'Mai +Charlie'


  1. Washing Machine by Mr. Fingers (Trax)
  2. Can you feel it? by Mr. Fingers (Trax)
  3. O Ban 1 by North/Clybourn (Gherkin)
  4. Strange Creatures by Gherkin Jerks (Alleviated Music)
  5. Poppy No Good (10 P.M. November 17, 1967) by Terry Riley on You're No Good (Cortical Foundation)
  6. This Time Around by S.O.U.L. feat. Larry Hancock
  7. Misdemeanor (Original) by Foster Sylvers (Pride)
  8. You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks by Funkadelic on Maggot Brain (Westbound)
  9. Who Do You Love? by The Sapphires
  10. If Your Mother Only Knew by The Miracles
  11. Body Music by The Strikers
  12. Heartbreak Hotel by The Jacksons (Epic)
  13. I Want To Thank You by Alicia Myers
  14. Sweet Thing by Leroy Burgess
  15. Midnight Special by Psychic Mirrors (PPU)
  16. Did You Know It? by One Way
  17. What You Gonna Do About It? by Total Contrast
  18. Finger Fuck by Mr. Fingers
  19. Love's Coming At You by Melba Moore on The Other Side of the Rainbow (Capitol)
  20. Another Man by Babara Mason
  21. Stop That by Evelyn "Champagne" King (MCA)
  22. It's out of my hands, love taking over by Omni
  23. Where Will You Go When The Party’s Over? by Archie Bell and the Drells