Export Quality (100% vinyl)

Episode #316


  1. History Repeating (feat. Miss Shirley Bassey) by Propellerheads (Wall Of Sound)
  2. Basse Terre (feat. Rob Daz) by Radio Mundo on Radio Mundo 2 (Self-Released) New
  3. Cuica Groove by Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers (Legofunk)
  4. Maracuja by Musta on Maracuja EP (Samosa Records)
  5. Bow's Mba Ngebe (D Torun Edit) by Eko on Volume 5 (A7E) New
  6. Shiva's Chant by Sartorial on Volume Twenty (Tropical Disco Records)
  7. Singing For Money by Loveface on De-Mixes Vol. 1 (Loveface Music)
  8. Let Me Love You by Loveface on De-Mixes Vol. 4 (Loveface Music)
  9. I Don't Know by Gledd on The Difference EP (Samosa Records)
  10. Biram (Lauer Edit) by Kemayo & K System on Volume 4 (A7E)
  11. Afromaniaco by Lego Edit on African Vol. 1 (Samosa Records) New
  12. Nothing by Paul Older on Volume Twenty (Tropical Disco Records)
  13. Movie Funk by Monsieur Van Pratt on Inner Funk EP (Samosa Records)
  14. Da Ghent Life by Felipe Gordon on Natural Born Climber EP (Shall Not Fade)
  15. True Love by Rulefinn on The Fedora Files EP (Whiskey Disco)
  16. JN "Love Hangover" by Micky More & Andy Tee Disco Blend (Groove Culture)
  17. Es Buena (Extended Version) by Sam Ruffillo on Italianissimo EP (Toy Tonics)
  18. Rio Deja Vu (De Gama Regroove) by Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers (Legofunk Records)
  19. Petit Canal by Radio Mundo on Radio Mundo 2 (Self-Released) New
  20. Enjoy Your Life (Ben Gomori's New Lease Of Life Edit) by Oby Onyioha on Volume 5 (A7E)
  21. From: Disco To: Disco (Tiefschwarz Remix) by Whirlpool Productions on From: Disco To: Disco EP (Groovin Recordings)