“Sweater Postscript”

One of those shows where we didn't quite know how it was going to turn out and then the two set-lists came together in perfect harmony. It's the last week of Simon's vacation so this week Ben is joined by one of our favourite guest hosts, Laura Gluhanich.

Just in time for the show Foals dropped the second track from their forthcoming fourth LP “What Went Down”, so we played that and really enjoyed the return of the signature Foals last-third groove:

Also new this week was Wilco's surprise “Star Wars” LP, from which Ben picked the grubby rock number “Pickled Ginger”, while Laura picked out Michael Stasis' “Crushed”. These songs sound… similar to say the least and it's amazing so we threw the set-list into disarray and played them back-to-back. I think it worked.

Also snuck into the set was the epic 10-minute “Rows”, the penultimate track from their excellent “+-” record.

It turns out this is something to be celebrated:

Thank you for joining us. In a surprise twist, next weeks show will be presented by Simon. If he can remember how.


  1. Wilding by Moon Duo on Shadow of the Sun (Sacred Bones Records)
  2. Mountain At My Gates by Foals on Mountain At My Gates (Warner)
  3. On The Grid (Our Love Is) by Landlines on Log Out, Tune Up, Drop Dead (Mt.St.Mtn)
  4. Easy as Breathing by Admiral Fallow on Tiny Rewards (Nettwerk)
  5. Ways to Make You See by Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright on Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright (Vicious Circle)
  6. Poor Eliza by Chris Bathgate on Salt Year (Quite Scientific)
  7. Break
  8. The Knower by Youth Lagoon on Savage Hills Ballroom (Fat Possum)
  9. Garden by SOAK on Before We Forget How To Dream (Rough Trade Records)
  10. Rows by Mew on +- (Play It Again)
  11. Break
  12. AM Blues by Bry Webb on Free Will (Idée Fixe)
  13. The Arrow Darkens by Will Stratton on Gray Lodge Wisdom (Self Released)
  14. Palm Springs by The Acorn on Vieux Loop (Paper Bag Records)
  15. Break
  16. Pickled Ginger by Wico on Star Wars (dBPM)
  17. Crushed by Michael Statis on RIP III (Arbutus)
  18. Pieces Of The People We Love by The Rapture on Pieces of the People We Love (DFA Records)
  19. Damn That Valley by U.S. Girls on Damn That Valley (4AD)
  20. Break
  21. Dusty Stars by Tokimonsta on Desiderium (Young Art Records)
  22. Skate 2 on XBox 360 by Ricky Eat Acid on Mixtape 1 (Self Released)
  23. Push It Along (feat. Phife Dawg) by Slum Village on YES (Ne'astra Music)
  24. Gabby by The Internet on Ego Death (Odd Future)
  25. Bilocation (feat. Channy Leaneagh) by Leftfield on Alternative Light Source (BMG)
  26. Wide Open by The Chemical Brothers on Born In The Echoes (Virgin EMI)