EP. 140: Punxgiving 2022

Thankful to ROCK! It's punxgiving 2022. Turn it up.

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Get to the gigs! Growing Stone in the Bay Area: Monday 12/5 at Adobe Books SF, and Tuesday 12/6 at 924 Gilman in Berkeley

Twin Peaks Sessions highlight: Heart Attack Man


  1. Cool Kids Table by Heart Attack Man on The Manson Family (You Did This / Triple Crown)
  2. Drunk Tank by Drug Church on Hit Your Head (No Sleep)
  3. Dollar Story by Drug Church on Cheer (Pure Noise)
  4. Gather by Touche Amore on Stage Four (Epitaph)
  5. Rejoice by Fiddlehead on Springtime and Blind (Run for Cover)
  6. TWIN SHRIEKS RADIO by Mike Donnelly on Single (self-released)
  7. Family Trip by Growing Stone on I Had Everybody Snowed (Head2Wall)
  8. The Understanding by Ceremony on The L-Shaped Man (Matador)
  9. Thank You For Being Here by CURSETHEKNIFE on Thank You For Being Here (New Morality Zine)
  10. cursetheknife by cursetheknife on Thank You For Being Here (New Morality Zine)
  11. In November on Normal Street by Upsetting on A Cold, Lonely Place (Self-Released)
  12. Stretch the Canvas till it Breaks by Upsetting on A Cold, Lonely Place (Self-Released)
  13. November Hotel by Mad Season on Above (Epic)
  14. Breadcrumb Trail by Slint on Spiderland (unk)
  15. Not Too Amused by Sebadoh on Bakesale (Sub Pop)
  16. Shit Soup by Sebadoh on Bakesale (Sub Pop)
  17. Thanks a Lot by Third Eye Blind on Third Eye Blind (Elektra)
  18. Almost Thanksgiving by Sunbrain on Good Side (Sunbrain / Ghost Meat)
  19. Gratitude by Beastie Boys on Check Your Head (Capitol)
  20. Dine Alone by Quicksand on Slip (Polydor)
  21. Fazer by Quicksand on Slip (Polydor)
  22. 90s Medley by Twin Shrieks Radio on Single (Self-Released)
  23. Lightning Field by Quicksand on Distant Populations (Epitaph)
  24. Return to Life by Praise on All In A Dream (Revelation) New
  25. An Open Letter to the Scene (Live) by Walter Schreifels on Single (Feet First)
  26. Crockpot by Slothrust on Of Course You Do (Burger)
  27. Conscious Uncoupling by Pool Kids on Pool Kids (Skeletal Lightning) New
  28. On My Way Back Home by Band of Horses on Infinite Arms (Huger Lewis and the Dudes)
  29. Out on the Weekend by Neil Young on Harvest (Reprise)
  30. Harvest by Neil Young on Harvest (Reprise)
  31. Back Off Turkey by Les Claypool on Of Whales and Woe (Prawn Song)