Episode 205 - Beneath the Surface

Anti Semites. Nazis. Nazi lovers. They’ve been here for a long time. And we sometimes haven’t been vigilant enough to drive them back under the rocks from whence they came, babies. But we must. From Ye, to Elon to Trump, anti American, anti semite, nazi sympathizers and nazis themselves have a large platform that is embraced by the powers that run the GOP.

We must step up, speak out and fight against this evil that bubbles up from swamp. Every single time.

Rock and Truth coming up.



  1. Another Hit and Run by Def Leppard on High N Dry (Columbia)
  2. Sister Disco by The Who on Who Are You (Polydor)
  3. Undercover Of The Night by The Rolling Stones on Undercover (Rolling Stones Records)
  4. Death Valley '69 by Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch on Bad Moon Rising (DGC)
  5. Rebel Without A Pause by Public Enemy on It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (Def Jam)
  6. One Day by Fucked Up on One Day (Merge) New
  7. Splittery Splat by Electric Eels on Jaguar Ride (Hozac)
  8. Love is Like Oxygen by Sweet on Isolation Boulevard (Andy Scott)
  9. i’m not crying you’re crying by Pinkshift on i’m not crying you’re crying (Hopeless) New
  10. The Last in Line by Dio on The Last in Line (Warner)