INDUSTYANXIETY.ogg (rainStation ft. ANVIL)

hi! this is rains :3 this episode we had a very special first guest  anvil! lovely dj/producer from LA (check them out live if u nearby). Tonights episode was on the harder side, something you'd work out to or speed to. (on hopefully some backroad or something idk be careful.) Hope u had a lovely night mwuah


  1. purgatorylink by govlink on now through forever (deathbysheep)
  2. how could she knows i was just a coward by DJ MURDERED on Single (Self-Released)
  3. te vi en mi sueno by tortured wound on single (self-released)
  4. house party by von bikrav on single (self-released)
  5. listen 2 ma sound by TEENAGEWHORE on single (self-released)
  6. hotplate by webmistress on single (self-released)
  7. feels so good (resonant squad & frantic freak remix) by hardsequencer on single (self-released)
  8. positron by dr dr4kken on single (self-released)
  9. wanted aamourocean remix by aamourocean on single (self-released)
  10. adagio for a dream by anusrektum on single (self-released)
  11. licking by kilbourne on single (self-released)
  12. resurrection by ppk on single (self-released)
  13. piggy by gartex x feardotcom on single (self-released)
  14. fatal attraction by tweakz on single (self-released)
  15. your love by danny murdo on single (self-released)
  16. hardcore harambe 214 by lil kevo303 on single (self-released)
  17. fehlschlag by aaron on single (self-released)
  18. psyporn by fukkfacee on single (self-released)
  19. pharmacon by fukkfacee on single (self-released)
  20. compulsions by webmistress on single (self-released)
  21. based perfect doll by kunt cobain on single (self-released)
  22. trinity by 44.44.444.8 on single (self-released)
  23. el bipel violento by dj muy nervioso on single (self-released)
  24. how to save a life by androcided on single (self-released)
  25. jackie brown presses a gun against your dick by cyberbitch26 on single (self-released)
  26. moments in trance by simulation sound on single (self-released)
  27. lobster life by lil kevo303 on single (self-released)
  28. halloween denver '22 by rainsdeaf on celsius radio for the strip mall (self-released)
  29. bot cells by filmmaker on single (self-released)
  30. motherfucking space angels from cyrene by kaizo slumber on single (self-released)
  31. lifeline midnight mix by alan morris and neev kennedy on single (self-released)
  32. internet5star by 5ubaruu on single (self-released)
  33. the pursuit by filmmaker on single (self-released)
  34. fo trax nfo by lil ugly mane on single (self-released)
  35. a trip around the trees by dj saratonin on single (self-released)
  36. house jawn2 by wndwshppng on single (self-released)
  37. astral_nexus by purity://filter on single (self-released)
  38. malibu by trshckdbl on single (self-released)
  39. delirious words by b-747 on single (self-released)
  40. driven by anxiety by blutrot on single (self-released)