EP. 142: LIVE! Top 100 Songs....Wrapped?

Live in studio at BFF.FM mission dist SF baby! Hitting shuffle on my 100 top played songs of 2022 and providing an honest candid anecdote per each.

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If you are tuning in live and in the Bay... come to 924 Gilman tonight for Growing Stone, Kilroi, Absinthe Father and Christian Francisco! A Twin Peaks Sessions / Slang Church co-pro.


  1. Pressure Cooker by Dazy, Militarie Gun on Single (Very Loud Sounds) New
  2. California by Petey on Lean Into Life (Terrible)
  3. September 9th, 2020 by Topiary Creatures on You Can Only Mourn Surprises (Putt Putt Saves the Shining House) New
  4. Mission by Alex G on God Save the Animals (Domino) New
  5. Recovery by SPICE on Viv (Dais) New
  6. Same Things by Swain on Negative Space (End Hits)
  7. Super Saturated by Drug Church on Hygiene (Pure Noise) New
  8. Hard To Explain by Touche Amore (Epitaph)
  9. Eraser by Stay Inside on Blight (No Sleep) New
  10. Piss & Quiet by Drug Church on Hygiene (Pure Noise) New
  11. Think About the Desert by Common Sage on It Lives and it Breathes (No Sleep)
  12. Tillary by Drug Church on Cheer (Pure Noise)
  13. Send the Pain Below by Chevelle on Wonder What's Next (Epic)
  14. My Life is a Freak Show by Kal Marks on My Name is Hell (Exploding in Sound) New
  15. Living in Places Like These Can Be Bad for Your Health (Can't Live Here Anymore) by Short Fictions on Fates Worse Than Death (Self-Release)
  16. Baby Bird by Single Mothers on Single (Dine Alone) New
  17. Family Trip by Growing Stone on I Had Everybody Snowed (Head2Wall)
  18. Pamphlets by Squid on Bright Green Field (Warp)
  19. Break
  20. Drown Me Out by Pity Sex on Feast of Love (Run for Cover)
  21. Money by Single Mothers on Negative Qualities (HXC)
  22. Near by Deafheaven on Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (Anti)
  23. Tiresome by Drug Church on Hygiene (Pure Noise) New
  24. Curbside by I'm Glad It's You on June (Open Door)
  25. All In A Dream by Praise on All In A Dream (Revelation) New
  26. Gauze by Gleemer on Moving Away (Self-Released)
  27. Now, Life Is living You by Modern Color on Now, Life Is living You (Other People)
  28. The Perfect Crime by Dazy on MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD (self-released)
  29. Why by Chat Pile on God's Country (The Flenser) New
  30. All I Could Ever Want by Webbed Wing on What's So Fucking Funny? (Memory Music)