EP. 146: Superlatives

Happy New Year, lets continue to live in the past and here's that weird superlatives bonus thing I did for 2022 trax...

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  1. January by Late Bloomer on Waiting (6131)
  2. Please Hold by Sarchasm on S/T (Asian Man) Local
  3. Pressure Cooker by Dazy, Militarie Gun on Single (Very Loud Sounds)
  4. Skating by Lunar Vacation on A Living Room Christmas (Keeled Scales) New
  5. Runner by Alex G on God Save the Animals (Domino) New
  6. Daisy by Superbloom on Single (Self-Released) New
  7. Monkey Gone To Heaven by Gulch on Single (Self-Released) New Local
  8. Fuct by Money on Money (Sunday Drive) New
  9. To Leave Forever or Die Alone in South Oakland by Short Fictions on Every Moment of Every Day (LAUREN) New
  10. Culver City Intro by The Quilters on Hard to Explain (Porter House) New Local
  11. B.C.H.C. by End It on Unpleasant Living (Flatspot) New
  12. Introduction by Highway Sniper on The Great Satan (Smartpunk) New
  13. The Great Satan by Highway Sniper on The Great Satan (Smartpunk)
  14. Timeglue by Excide on Deliberate Revolver (New Morality Zine) New
  15. California Poppy by Ceremony on Vanity Spawned by Fear (Relapse) New Local
  16. NO SUM by COLD MEGA, Militarie Gun on COLD MEGA (MUCK TRACKS) New
  17. CHRISTMAS EVE DAY (ft. Raybots) by Phony on At Some Point. You Stop (Phony Industries) New
  18. Dread by Thank on Thoughtless Cruelty (exploding in sound) New
  19. Walter Speaks/Wicked & Bad by Bob Vylan on Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life (GHOST THEATRE) New
  20. The Rock by MC on MIDDLE AMERICAN (East End) New
  21. Past Life by MC on MIDDLE AMERICAN (East End) New
  22. Dad's Ipad by Tim Barry on Spring Hill (Chunksaah) New
  23. Spiderweb by Built to Spill on When the Wind Forgets Your Name (Sub Pop) New
  24. I'll Make You See God by The Afghan Whigs on How Do You Burn? (BMG)
  25. Why by Chat Pile on God's Country (The Flenser) New
  26. Nag D by Faye on You're Better (Self Aware) New
  27. Eyes by Astronoid on Radiant Bloom (3DOT) New
  28. Grownups by Cesar Maria on Liars (Peaches) New
  29. good morning (red) by caroline on caroline (rough trade)
  30. Monochrome by Swain on Single (Family Therapy) New
  31. Stuck In A Loop by Soul Blind on Single (Other People)
  32. Weird Florida by Camp Trash on Single (Count Your Lucky Stars)
  33. Libations to Sacred Clowns by Mamaleek on Diner Coffee (Flenser)