Sounds In The Dark - 1.4.23 - The Best of 2022

Tonight's edition features my favorite tunes from 2022 - enjoy work from Arovane + Taylor Deupree, Sam Prekop + John McEntire, Steven R. Smith, Emeka Ogboh, Abul Mogard, K. Leimer, Caterina Barbieri, Superposition + Katelyn Aurelia Smith, Ambient Jazz Ensemble and Sunda Arc!


  1. Sill_Lili by Arovane + Taylor Deupree on Skal_Ghost (12k)

    Just a fantastic listen all round. Truly a favorite if not THE favorite for 2022!

  2. Signature by Ambient Jazz Ensemble on London Fields (Here & Now Recordings)

    An absolutely alive and fun record to listen to - great for focus or just relaxation. Colin Baldry's finest work as AJE to date in my view - I think it's the fullest realization of his musical vision and just a pleasure to behold.

  3. Crossing At the Shallow by Sam Prekop & John McEntire on Sons Of (Thrill Jockey Records)

    The sort of record I'd long been waiting for - McEntire and Prekop are two longtime collaborators who have a mutual knack for modular synthesis. Here they're putting out some of the best music I've heard on Thrill Jockey in at least a couple of years. I've truly loved Prekop's solo synth work as well, but this is synergistic.

  4. Endless Fields by Sunda Arc on Night Lands (Gondwana Records)

    In the last few years I've really fallen in love with some of the electronic jazz fusion coming out of the UK - particularly work on Gondwana. Sunda Arc is Nick and Jordan Smart, who I first got to know as Mammal Hands. This is an elegant work and a really fantastic second record. Was long anticipated and great to hear it this year.

  5. Wole by Emeka Ogboh on 3o22'0.66 (Danfotronics)

    I first discovered Ogboh's music last year and it's just stunning. This record's combination of minimalist electronics and lo-fi field recordings create an immersive atmosphere that drops you right in the center of Lagos' Ojuelegba bus station. I've rarely heard music that creates such as sense of 'thereness.' This record is like traveling without moving - truly outstanding.

  6. The Starting Errors by K. Leimer on The Starting Errors (Palace of Lights)

    An absolute beauty of a record even with its catastrophic themes. The title track here, with the voice of Tallula Bentley, is both poignant as a post-mortem on the ravages of Western society, and at the same time utterly compelling in its musical form. I found this easily the most compelling listen of 2022, and a call to action and reform.

  7. Along the River by Abul Mogard on In a Few Places Along the River (Abul Mogard)

    This is just a fabulous tune, and as one of three longform tracks really is like turning the musical thermostat to 72 degrees. The repetitive nature of the music recalls elements of The Disintegration Loops, and somehow every cycle in which the minor chord resolves is equally fresh to my ears.

  8. Knot of Spirit - Synth Version by Caterina Barbieri on Spirit Exit (light-years)

    This is just a synth masterpiece. I've long admired Barbieri's work and this record just launches into the stratosphere.

  9. Descending Backwards by Steven R. Smith on Spring (Soft Abuse Records)
  10. Deep Listening by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Superposition, Tara Brach on Innerspace Music (Formless)

    As a long time Joe Frank fan I have a weakness for dharma talks superimposed over electronic music. Last year's Jon Hopkins release took the cake with an amazing Ram Dass piece. Innerspace Music multiplies that awesomeness by severalfold, incorporating work from some of my favorite musicians alongside the words of instructors like Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach and Ram Dass as well. Amazing.

  11. The Sparrow by Sam Prekop on The Sparrow (Thrill Jockey)

    Sam Prekop's modular synth records have become increasingly adventurous and interesting - this one truly takes the cake. A 17-minute opening track that is nothing less than a sonic adventure. A truly lovely record and a great way to end the show on a high note!