Guitars & Parallels

Paride Pignotti - fresh from a full scholarship at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA - is an Italian guitarist and composer, who mix his jazz passion with the taste of the Mediterranean sounds trough his original music. He sits at ES today talking about his compositions and he performs a few tunes live on the guitar at the studio.

Episode #330


  1. Jaco Dance by Paride Pignotti & Iacopo Schiavo on Acquamarina (WOW Records)
  2. Featured Almeno Tu Nell'Universo by Paride Pignotti & Iacopo Schiavo on Acquamarina (WOW Records)
  3. Featured 43 Parallelo by Paride Pignotti on 43 Parallelo (Emme Records)
  4. Vitti na crozza (feat. Paride Pignotti) by Manuela Ciunna on 'Nzuccarata (Self-Released)
  5. Featured Memories (live at BFF.FM studio) by Paride Pignotti (Unreleased)
  6. Charles River (live at by Paride Pignotti (Unreleased)
  7. A Night In Parisland (live at by Paride Pignotti (Unreleased)
  8. Atlantico (feat. Javier Girotto & Marco Bruno) by Iacopo Schiavo & Paride Pignotti on Acquamarina (WOW Records)
  9. Red Baron by Billy Cobham on Spectrum (Atlantic)
  10. Hootin N Tootin by Sartorial on Tropical Disco Volume 25 (Tropical Disco)
  11. Mirage (Wander Vogel edit) by WVE on LGF 012 Dancefloor Edits (Legofunk)