Episode 214 - Grand Juries

Question, babies? How many freakin grand juries are involved with the disgraced, twice impeached , coup plotting, criminal that was our last president? Not enough of them.

Todays thoughts on Cult 45’s growing insignificance and of course, the rock.



  1. Talk Shit, Get Shot by Body Count on Manslaughter (Sumerian)
  2. Big Take Over by Bad Brains on Bad Brains (ROIR)
  3. Elvis Is Dead by Living Colour on Time's Up (Epic)
  4. Go All The Way by Raspberries on Raspberries (Capitol)
  5. The Last Time by Cassowary (Self Released) New Local
  6. The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill by Husker Du on New Day Rising (SST)
  7. She’s Got Everything by The Romantics on The Romantics (Nemperor)
  8. The Mother of All Fuckers by The Brian Jonestown Massacre on The Future is Your Past (‘A’) New
  9. Michigan Hammers by Protomartyr on Ultimate Success Today (Domino)
  10. Destroyer by The Kinks on Give the People What They Want (Sanctuary)
  11. In Dulce Decorum by The Damned on Anything (MCA)
  12. Baby by Purling Hiss (Drag City) New
  13. Pump It Up by Elvis Costello on This Year's Model (Hip-O)