The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Then Comes Silence & DJ Morpheus Blak (Las Vegas) 3/14/23


  1. Flashing Pangs Of Love by Then Comes Silence on Blood (Nuclear Blast)
  2. Happy House by Siouxsie And The Banshees on Kaleidoscope (Polydor)
  3. .​.​.​But A Chill Runs Along Your Spine​.​.​. by Other Voices on Under Control (Swiss Dark Nights)
  4. Is There an Exit? by Absolute Body Control on Lost / Found (Sleepless)
  5. Machina (feat. Ms Boan) by Boy Harsher on The Runner OST (Nude Club)
  6. Worm by The Comes Silence on Hunger (Nexilis)
  7. Western Fold by MATTE BLVCK on I'm Waving, Not Drowning (self released/Bandcamp)
  8. Minor Blues by Shad Shadows on Minor Blues (Young And Cold)
  9. Broken Pieces by Echoberyl on Apparition (Swiss Dark Nights)
  10. Dilate by MØAA on Euphoric Recall (We Were Never Being Boring)
  11. Animals by Then Comes Silence on III Nyctophilian (Novoton)
  12. Isolation by Joy Division on Closer (Factory)