1. Synapse by Linea Aspera on Linea Aspera (Dark Entries)
  2. Fingerbib by Aphex Twin on Richard D. James Album (Warp Records)
  3. Moodswing by Seefeel on Pure, Impure (Too Pure)
  4. The Belldog by Eno Moebius Roedelius on After The Heat (Bureau B)
  5. Log In Your Fire by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri on I Could Be Your Dog/I Could Be Your Moon (Ghostly International)
  6. Tukani (Monday Is Grey) by The Cleaners From Venus on On Any Normal Monday (Mr Mule)
  7. Just Drifting by Psychic TV on Force The Hand of Chance (Warner)
  8. Volcano by Jarboe on Beautiful People Ltd. (s/r)
  9. A Place To Go by Embryo on Rocksession (Universal)
  10. Für Dich by Thomas Dinger on Für Mich (Bureau B)
  11. Melancholia VII by William Basinski on Melancholia (2003 2062)
  12. Drive Blind by Ride on Smile (Sire Records)
  13. The Last Ray by This Mortal Coil on It'll End In Tears (4AD)
  14. Cosmic Vibration (An Afternoon Concert) by A.R. & Machines on The Art of German Psychedelic (Period 1970-1974) (BMG)
  15. Churpa Champurrado by Inca Ore on Inca Ore/Grouper (YELLOWELECTRIC)
  16. Cosmic Wind by Brainticket on Celestial Ocean (Purple Pyramid)
  17. Simple Headphone Mind by Stereolab & Nurse With Wound on Pulse of the Early Brain 9Switched On Vol. 5) (Duophonic)
  18. Picnic International by Kraan on Let It Out (EMI)
  19. Tapestry From An Asteroid by Sun Ra on We Travel The Spaceways (Enterplanetary Koncepts)
  20. Colors by Pharoah Sanders on Karma (Impulse)
  21. Love Without Sound by White Noise on An Electric Storm (Universal/Island)
  22. I Forgot by Bardo Pond (Three Lobed)