The B0ardcast Episode 43


  1. Teenage Tragedy by SadGirl on Penelope's Leg (Visit
  2. Reservoir Dawgs by Beach Goons on BoiSad (Visit
  3. Aloha Girl by Guantanamo Baywatch on Postcard from the Tar Pitz (Visit
  4. Mama by Shannon and the Clams on Mama/Love Kin (Visit
  5. Somebody's in the Kitchen by Fernando & the Teenage Narcs on Teen Narcs in Space (Visit
  6. Super Fast Car Burnout by Dirt Cheap Date on I Don't Want To Be Fake (Visit
  7. Global Citizen by Red Red Krovvy on II (Visit
  8. Get Away From Me Right Now by Flemmings on Shake Well Before Use (Visit
  9. That Boy by Obedient Wives Club on That Boy / This Is It (Visit
  10. Ex-Marionette by G A L P A L S on Velvet Rut (Label)
  11. Choo Choo by Dog Legs on sorry/thanks/sorry (Visit
  12. Fact Is Friction by Thurst on YSFC (Visit
  13. If You Can't Fall in Love by Rat Columns on do you remember real pain? (Visit
  14. Art Vandelay by Ducktails on III: Arcade Dynamics (Matador)
  15. Leftovers by wimps on Super Me (Visit
  16. Everything Is Pop by The Glow Cats on Cat Bits (PZL084 - Visit
  17. Não Consegues by Pega Monstro on Alfarroba (Upset The Rhythm)
  18. Cave Business by Ivy on A Cat's Cause, No Dogs Problem 7 (Visit
  19. White Devil by Sealings on I'm a Bastard (Visit
  20. Crystal Healing Vibes by L A N D L I N E S on Crystal Healing Vibes (Visit
  21. Windwaker by Grubs on It Must Be Grubs (Visit
  22. Parking Lot Snots by Makeout Vertigo on Can't Always Be There (Visit
  23. The Trouble With Lee by The Swapsies on Piglet and Pooh / The Trouble With Lee (Visit
  24. We Won't Go There by Mammoth Penguins on Hide and Seek (Fortuna Pop)
  25. Fight the System by Arre! Arre! on Fight the System (Visit
  26. Untouched by High Dive on New Teeth (Visit
  27. war by the gutters on eventually L.P (Visit
  29. Coockoo by Bikes on Self Titled (Self Released)
  30. High n' Dry by EMPTY HEADS on Teerjerker (Visit
  31. Here we are, at the show. by coach longlegs on NO DOGS AT SHOWS (Visit
  32. Digital Lobotomy by Native America on Bad Weed / But Still Weed (Visit
  33. Lie by Cars Can Be Blue on Trace the Tension (HHBTM Records)
  34. Dab Dungeon by Ladywolf on Babes EP (Self Released)
  35. Disaster by Listen Lady on Listen Lady (Visit
  36. Rock Hard Pt. II by Lamps on Fred Astaire 7'' (Label)
  37. Dreamhome Gurl by Joey Ghostly on GHOSTLY (Visit
  38. Remember The Theremin by The Cannanes And Steward on Communicating At An Unknown Rate (Visit
  39. Apple Trees of B.C. by Malasada on Malasada EP (Visit
  40. Wednesday by Oh Peas! on Shades Of Intolerance (Self Released)
  41. We Grew Up by two white cranes on Radisson Blue (Visit
  42. Break
  43. Ex To See by The TeleVibes on High or Die (Visit