033 - The Sound of San Jose


  1. In Disgust by In Disgust on In Disgust/Sidetracked Split (Feral Kid Records) Local
  2. Ouroborosian Hex by Abnutivum on Unyielding Discharges of Mockery Towards the Devout (Life Sucker Productions) Local
  3. On All Fours by Deathgrave on It's Only Midnight (Tankcrimes) Local
  4. Beauty in Mystery by Among the Torrent on The Grievous End of a Curse (Self-Released) Local
  5. Featured In the Valley of the Time Bombs by Andrew Lee's Heavy Metal Shrapnel on Split with First Fragment (Nameless Grave Records) Local
  6. Featured Eye Socket Thumb Fuck by Prolapsed on Sepsis (Self-Released) New Local
  7. Featured Ghost of Teeth and Hair by Cretin on Stranger (Relapse Records) Local
  8. Irreverent Opus by Mordant Rapture (The Artisan Era) Local
  9. Rotting Spinal Abscess by Nerve Exposure on The Spinal Offering (Barbaric Brutality Records) Local
  10. Dominion by Ardra on Unto Leviathan (Self-Released) Local
  11. Featured Metamorphosis by Mortuous on Upon Desolation (Carbonized Records) Local
  12. Featured Critical Failure by Dungeon Crawl on The Side Quest (Wise Blood Records) Local
  13. Mincing Cabbages by Houkago Grind Time on Houkago Grind Time 2: The Second Raid (Outrageous Weeb Power Productions) Local