034 - The Sound of Oakland


  1. Brain Dust by Glowing Brain on Brain Dust (Self-Released) Local
  2. Tenebrae by Abstractor on Abominion (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
  3. The Visible Man by Impaled on The Last Gasp (Willowtip Records) Local
  4. Night Vision by The Atomic Bomb Audition on Future Mirror (Self-Released)
  5. Pink Hell by Praying on True Hellman (1289613 Records) Local
  6. Featured From Where You Came by Phantom Hound on The Ether EP (Self-Released) Local
  7. Splicing by Kowloon Walled City on Piecework (Neurot Recordings) Local
  8. Asunder by False Figure on Castigations (Transylvanian Recordings) Local
  9. Featured Monolith by Wretched Stench on Weaving a Web of Viscera (Self-Released) Local
  10. Survival of the Sun feat. Laura Nichol by Darkness Everywhere on The Seventh Sun (Creator-Destructor Records) Local
  11. Kinetic by Sectarian Bloom on New Spring (Transylvanian Recordings) Local
  12. Templo de Carne by Vorlust on Lick the Flesh (Transylvanian Recordings) Local
  13. Further Down the Hall by Carrion Bloom on Sacrament of Pestilence (Transylvanian Recordings) Local