Vampire Dear #10: Trouble Every Day

A tribute to the soundtracks of films from the New French Extremity movement. Tracks from Trouble Every Day, Raw, High Tension, Sombre, Romance, and more.


  1. Trouble Every Day by Tindersticks on Trouble Every Day (Lucky Dog)
  2. How I Killed Bambi Part 1 - Hospital Theme by François-Eudes Chanfrault on Computer Assisted Sunset (MK2 Music)
  3. Mon Manège À Moi by Etienne Daho (Parlophone)
  4. Fat City by Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn on Cubist Blues (Light In The Attic Records)
  5. Dirge by Death in Vegas on The Contino Sessions (This Compilation)
  6. Supernature by Cerrone on 3 - Supernature (Malligator)
  7. Light House by Future Islands on Singles (4AD LTD)
  8. Plus putes que toutes les putes by Orties, Antha, Erex on Sextape (Orties)
  9. Sexual Attraction by Le Peuple de l'Herbe on Triple Zero + (Le Label)
  10. Taketomi Sunset by Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman on Jin Jin/Firefly (Riverboat)
  11. Dorn by Das Ich on Egodram (Danse Macabre)
  12. New Born by Muse on Origin of Symmetry (A&E)