Statically walled-audio banging down the damn door today on! Soundmaker and local beat stressor, Rose Cherami, sends in a wonderfully lost mix of original tracks and remixes. I keep the talking to am minimum, I'm busy trying to THRASH to this mix.

You can support Rose's work on Bandcamp on her own page and with the collective, True Indigo:

Happy Monday! Fuck Health Stuff! ~tom

The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. Lustful Expanse (Instrumental) by Evanora Unlimited on Lustful Expanse (Self-Release)
  2. Re Active by Arthur Miles on Play Nice (Super Tuff)
  3. Ooda Loop by Majela Sprials (Self-Release) Local
  4. Your Six (4armthegirls) by Rose Cherami (Arm The Girls) Local
  5. Sunrise Turnstile Slide by Forest Lung (Self-Release)
  6. I Know Now (verymirrory flip) by Ojerime on 4U (Fang)
  7. cz (dottie kay remix) by Mk.gee on A Museum Of Contradiction (Interscope)
  8. Limit 2 Ur Luv (dottie kay feisty jump) by Jai Paul (Self-Release)
  9. Rapture Suite by Dottie Kay (Self-Release)
  10. Walking With A Ghost (RoseyThrash) by Tegan & Sara (Vapor)
  11. full circle (Rose Cherami Remix) by arboreal on anymore / yet (Self-Release)
  12. grand/market by Rose Cherami (Self-Release) Local
  13. baby deer by majela spirals (Self-Release) Local
  14. Zenith by Quitland (Self-Release)
  15. Honey (Rosey Sweetie) by LUKID on Populous (Bad Panda)
  16. sweet nothings by majela spirals (Self-Release) Local
  17. 4barb downtown sf by Rose Cherami (Self-Release) Local
  18. Interrupted Mid Thoughtq by Forest Lung (Self-Release)
  19. Jardin (Rose Cherami Remix) by Actress on R.I.P. (Self-Release)