036 - Technical Deathiculties


  1. Featured Lexicontagion by The Zenith Passage (Metal Blade Records) New
  2. Hush by Teeth on The Curse of Entropy (Translation Loss Records) Local
  3. On Wings by Acephalix on Deathless Master (Southern Lord) Local
  4. Grid Walker by Greenwitch on Grid Walker (Maggot Stomp)
  5. Neckbreaker of the Mountain by The Cimmerian on Thrice Majestic (4014779 Records)
  6. Dead Zones by Deadform on S/T Demo (Brainsand) Local
  7. No Shepherd (Of Wolves) by Slowbleed on The Blazing Sun, A Fiery Dawn (Creator-Destructor Records)
  8. Tour of Duty by Impaled on The Last Gasp (Willowtip) Local
  9. Featured The Revealing by Vile on Metamorphosis (Caroline Records)
  10. Featured Disavowed, And Left Helpless by Our Place of Worship is Silence on Disavowed, And Left Helpless (Translation Loss Records)
  11. Peak and Surrender by Cosmitorium (The Flock) New
  12. Bestial Encounter by Menstrual Vampires on Menstrual Vampires (Transylvanian Recordings)
  13. Featured Ornaments of Bone by Burning Palace on 2023 Promo (Total Dissonance Worship) New