037 - Rise & Roll


  1. Pink Hell by Praying on True Hellman (1289613 Records) Local
  2. In Agony, To The Earth - And Heaven by Wreche on All My Dreams Came True (Handsmade)
  3. Featured Mother Earth by Brume on Donkey (When Planets Collide) Local
  4. Ash in the Hourglass by 16 on Into Dust (Relapse Records)
  5. Skull in the Woods by Castle on Deal Thy Fate (Ripple Music) Local
  6. Nonlocality by Apparition on Feel (Profound Lore Records)
  7. Hippie Girl by Deer Lord on Dark Matter Pt. 1 (Northern Buffalo Studios)
  8. Featured Seeker of the Flame by Great Electric Quest on Chapter II: Of Earth (Totem Cat Records)
  9. Communion at Dusk by Realms of Vision on Through All Unknown (Creator-Destructor Records) Local
  10. Black Dirt by Deathchant on Waste (Riding Easy Records)
  11. Creeping Down Your Neck by Demonsmoke on Morphine Moonshine (Self-Released) Local
  12. Featured Summon the Demons by Older Sun (Anchorite Recordings) New Local