TEENAGE TOURING!!! FRIENDS' CASSETTES!!! DUCK TALES CONSPIRACY THEORIES!! w/ Alex Botkin from Lavasocks Recods, 924 Gilman, Startle, Sarchasm

Alex Botkin runs the legendary venue 924 Gilman in Berkeley, as well as Lavasocks Records. He grew up playing in Sarchasm, a hard touring, deep-catalogued, popular Bay Area "bummer pop" group for the last decade .

Now his new band, Startle, has just released their first EP and is about to go on their first national tour.




  1. Letters U Wrote by eevie echoes & The Locations on Letters u Wrote (Ska Punk International)
  2. West Omaha is a Terrible Place and I'm Definitely Afraid to Die by Plastic Presidents on Good Times Can't Last (Ska Punk International)
  3. ¡As If! by Startle on Terrible, Zero Stars! (Startle) New Local
  4. World Interrupted by Startle on Terrible, Zero Stars! (Startle) New Local
  5. Colorado's Dead by Foot Ox on Colorado's Dead (Single) (Foot Ox)
  6. All My Heroes (Wear Black Masks) by The Rotten Blue Menace on The Death of Skacore (The Rotten Blue Menace)
  7. Gospel Skabarnak by Lost Love on Goes To Skallege (Guillhem Records)
  8. No Se va by Professor Galactico on No Se va (My Grito Industries / LA Collective)