The Fake Publishing Millionaires Hour

About The Fake Publishing Millionaires Hour

Celebrating independent publishing and the D.I.Y. spirit, The Fake Publishing Millionaires Hour interviews writers, directors, producers, etc. about their creative process and the headspaces which push art projects to completion. It's a place to workshop new ideas, to talk through plots for upcoming comics or go over the logistics for upcoming video shoots.

This is a radio show for anyone who makes cool art and wants to talk,either during an ongoing project or after completing one, about their creative work style.

The Fake Publishing Millionaires Hour is a part of the FPM Publishing group (, a small, national group of iconoclastic creators who, since 2015, have been publishing comix, zines, multimedia projects and throwing literature or musical events.

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Heavy Rotation

  • Saturday 11:00pm – 12:00am


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