Episode 231 - The More You Know

The 2024 Presidential election may seem very far away. But now is the time, babies to get our minds right and our focus centered on the issues. We need to make sure turn out is gigantic and that every voter knows how to navigate a states rules and regulations. Let’s dig in.

News at 11, Rock at 7.



  1. Animal by Pearl Jam on Vs. (Sony)
  2. Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine on Loveless (Sire Records)
  3. Prettiest Cop On the Block by Alice Cooper on Special Forces (Warner)
  4. Shadow in the Dark by The Spiral Electric (The Spiral Electric) New Local
  5. The Wind and More by Roky Erickson on The Evil One (Light in the Attic)
  6. Nothing is As Good As They Say it is by Sparks on Nothing is As Good As They Say it is (Universal) New
  7. and the colour red by Underworld on Underneath the Radar (Sire)
  8. Brown Summer by Triclops on Out of Africa (Alternative Tentacles) Local
  9. Chaise Lounge by Wet Leg on Chaise Lounge (Domino)
  10. Gothgirl1 by Cumgirl8 on Gothgirl1 (4AD) New
  11. I Like Drugs by The Simpletons on I Have a Date (Posh Boy)
  12. Eminence Front by The Who on It's Hard (Polydor Records)
  13. Friday Night by Dennis Wilson on Pacific Ocean Blue & Bambu (Caribou)