EP. 176: Rather Be Depressed In California

Jersey lad returns to southern California for hardcore, sun, beaches, vibes, sounds and fury's (I was careful to spell that last one correctly). Recapping another year of Sound & Fury festival, and quickly pivoting to TWIN SHRIEKS 2023! Full lineup is oot, get to the fest 9/29-9/30 at 924 Gilman.


  1. Real Thing by Turnstile on Time & Space (Roadrunner (2018))
  2. Featured When The Band Breaks Up Again by Walter Etc. (SideOneDummy) New
  3. High All the Dreadlong Day by Walter Etc. on By Golly (Making New Enemies) New
  4. Cliché Filler Punk Song by Just Nick on Semi-revolutionary (Nickolas Wuebben) Local
  5. Holier by Adult School on Adult School (Self-Released) Local
  6. Featured Dark Sky City by No Lungs on Single (self-released) New
  7. Featured Around Around Around (Demo) by Choke Cherry (Self-Released) New Local
  8. Featured Heavy by Fauxes on Single (Self released) Local
  9. Featured Steady by Maggie Gently on Peppermint (Refresh) Local
  10. Featured Mahavira by Surprise Privilege on White Girl Music (Self-released) Local
  11. CHILD, PRAY by Gosh on KAIJU (self-released) Local
  12. Featured OVERCUM by TRISTE (Sad City / Riff Audio) New
  13. Alipin ng Mundo / Paghugpong by AninoKo on SPLIT (Aklasan) New
  14. Featured Errors & Trials by The Downsides on Single (self-released)
  15. Featured A Time Out of Time by Damper on Personal Fable (Old Press) Local
  16. Showed Up Too Late for the Emo Revival by Damper on Emotive Songs For Emotional People: act 2 (Missed Out) Local
  17. Featured rooftops by The Co Founder on Gymnasium (2022 reissue) (Slang Church) New Local
  18. My Own Summer (Shove It) by Deftones on Around the Fur (Maverick)
  19. Journey to the End of the East Bay by Rancid on ...And Out Come the Wolves (Epitaph)
  20. Hitchin' a Ride by Green Day on Nimrod (Reprise)
  21. Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart by Stone Temple Pilots on Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop (Atlantic)
  22. Firestorm by Earth Crisis on Forever True (1991-2001) (Craft)
  23. Kersed by Ceremony on Violence Violence (Deathwish) Local
  24. Crush Your Enemies by C4 on Split Your Skull In Half (Tribe Dream)
  25. Another Toy by Speed on Gang Called Speed (Flatspot)
  26. Toxic Boombox by Angel Du$t on Rock the Fuck On Forever (Pop Wig)
  27. Bang My Drum by Angel Du$t on Pretty Buff (Roadrunner)
  28. Mosquito by Model/Actriz on Dogsbody (True Panther) New
  29. Crossing Guard by Model/Actriz on Dogsbody (True Panther) New
  30. Slate by Model/Actriz on Dogsbody (True Panther) New
  31. waterlily by crushed on extra life (ng+)
  32. coil by crushed on extra life (ng+) New
  33. Jesus Of Nazareth by Self Defense Family on Jesus Of Nazareth (Run for Cover)