Sounds In The Dark - 8.2.23

Tonight's edition features tons of fantastic new music including work from Ian Hawgood, Felbm, Hidden Orchestra, marine eyes, Rhucle, Neil Cowley, Hania Rani, Kilometre Club, Jonny Nash and lots more!


  1. Kuru Kuru by Rhucle on Feel (Polar Seas) New
  2. tesoro by marine eyes on tesoro (marine eyes) New
  3. Personal Defects (Cameo Blush remix) by Neil Cowley (Mote) New
  4. The Boat by Hania Rani on Ghosts (Gondwana Records)

    New From her forthcoming October 6th release.

  5. #3 (Rhubarb) - Aphex Twin cover by Brendan Eder Ensemble on Therapy (Brendan Eder Ensemble)
  6. Elegaic by Jon Hopkins on Opalescent (Just)
  7. Moving Mountains by Kilometre Club on How To Unravel (We Are Busy Bodies)

    New Releases Sept. 29th 2023

  8. Woodland Encounter by Patricia Wolf on See-Through (Balmat)
  9. October Song by Jonny Nash on Point of Entry (Melody As Truth) New
  10. 1000 Miles by Jasmine Myra on Horizons (Gondwana Records)
  11. cycli infini by Felbm on cycli infini (Soundway Records Ltd.) New
  12. Skylarks by Hidden Orchestra on To Dream Is To Forget (Lone Figures)

    New Album releases on September 22nd.

  13. Kalimba Tones in A Minor by Ian Hawgood on Kalimba Tones in A Minor (Folk Reels) New
  14. 4am Conversation by Stubbleman on The Blackbird Tapes (Crammed Discs)